Meteor Shower October 2009

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You all know very well about the history of earth formation and universe. Astronomy is one of the interesting fields, which are usually like by kids. The Orionid is one of the best-viewed meteor shower of the year.

It occurs every year as the Earth crosses through rubble left behind by the Halley's comet. Meteor is nothing but the any external surface hits the earth periodically. The universe is fully made up of planets and satellites etc. sun is the father of the solar system.

This universe works under some constant cycle, under the influence of this cycle the meteor shower hits the earth. As per that cycle from October seventeen to October 25 there is possibly of meteor shower hits the earth. This time the result should be very effective. The velocity of the shower will be increased considerably and also have the possibility of reaching 480 meteors per day.

This kind of incident is happening once in a human life. This is pretty good to watch and viewers feel the silent and happy consecutively. It is happening at half moon period, so some amount of darkness is present in the sky. The best scene is achieved in the midnight, so people need to wait for that moment.

Eastward sky is the better place for seeing this meteor shower. The meteor shower october 2009 makes a mark in the history. People should not worry about the views because a meteor is very bigger than sky so clear view is obtained during hitting.