Homebuilt Spacecraft - a dream or reality?

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Homebuilt spacecraft, you don’t see very many of those around. I believe that it would be really cool if a machine could be built that could be driven on the road, flown in the air and could go on and/or underwater. I don’t believe that such a craft has been invented, at least not on this planet. If you’re going to have a flying car that goes underwater why not take it one step further and have it be able to go into outer space too? A flying car that goes underwater and outer space too, can such a machine be built? Did I mention that it’s hypersonic? I’m sure all the need for speed Lancair owners/builders would like that. I believe that such a machine can be built! I believe that it can be built very economically!

To build such a machine would be a very good engineering challenge and quite an educational experience. Oh, and it need not be as advanced as the one in the movie Flight of the Navigator. I also believe that homebuilt spacecraft construction will
become common in less than fifteen years! It shouldn’t cost millions of dollars to go into outer space and you shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a ticket either. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to make some money.

Now you may think that I’m crazy but that’s ok, by the time you finish reading this you won’t. Oh, bye the way if you listen to Star Wars music while reading this you will enjoy it more and have more fun…really! Although it would be quite fun and interesting to build such a craft, I don’t wish to build a flying car that goes underwater and outer space just yet. I would like to build a regular space plane first. Or perhaps I should rephrase that to say; an exceptional space plane. I would like to build a suborbital space plane that: is capable of flying every day even two or three times a day, that is very economical to operate and build, that is fast and efficient, that is the safest of the safest and best of the best. I would like my space plane to be operated as if it were a Cessna, on a regular basis that is. Some innovations to make this possible would be: long life rocket motors, rapid airframe structural analysis and repair, rapid component overhaul and replacement, and of course high quality components, materials and craftsmanship.