More Severe Calamities

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My country is laid on Southeast Asia and my neighboring countries usually experience every typhoon that will pass by. Just a week ago, a typhoon hsd struck the northern part of the country in which my place had been affected too.

Within the last two decades, my place is not being flooded even if there is a heavy rain, but today, it reaches knee level. Though the flood did not last that long, in some other places upt o now the communities there are still suffering from the effect which brought by the recent typhoon.

Of course, the government is doing its best to augment the needs of the constitutents. but ironic part here is that almost of the rice fields in this area were thoroughly damaged. In fact, the government had announce that there might be again another rice shortage for coming months. My place is the rice granary of the country, supplying rice all over the country.

Some of rice fields here are not being flooded before. Expert says that this is just of the effects of the climate change due to global warming and melting of the ice in some part of the North Pole making these places reached by excessive flow of water.

How many decades had passed since the experts announced global warming and suggesting the human race to plant trees?

Wether it be true or not, the effects are the obvious facts which resulted to billion dollars of damaged and lost resources. This might really be the results of advance developments in the part of humans. Humans continue to explore the world and exploreres and scientists could not avoid to salvage some resources or scatter some waste products to make better output.

Does it mean if these development did not stop more and more severe typhoons and calamities will arrive? Hopefully not, because my country is laid in a low area. how about the country termed "down under"? Does this mean this country will be erased in the map of the world too? It's impossible isn't it?

But the effects continue to widen, these speculation might not happen but, I think we are already running out of time. what do you think?