Sensation On The Recent End Of The Earth In 2012

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For all the people we are talking about predictions of 2012. Channels detailed info, and the card-people still need to know more about these forecasts for 2012. Some of the most popular theories that relate to this important question at the end of 2012 on the planet.

Maya prediction is intended as forecasts of the most authentic and accurate. Specialty Mayan people were the subject of astrology and mathematics. There are several prophecies come true in today's world, such as the abolition of Japan in the World Wars and the World Trade Center. more surprising is that the last date in the Mayan calendar is December 21, 2012, also considered the date of doom. The end of the world have done a lot of us around the world that people have become more curious about this event.

News from the Earth at the end of 2012 has spread all over the world today, lots of puzzles inside. And 'certainly a concern for everyone in this world, because it is the thinking of many people that there will be life after. Shock and the force that is destructive to crush any sign of life with it, leaving nothing but destruction behind. It is said that many of the followers of this case, it will be very surprising and scary, and do all the disgusting.

Many of them are already believed he was not going to happen to our planet, but also about the rest of the universe. It says the situation is marked by the elimination of all of this world. The end of the world in 2012 was nothing less than a fiction until the evidence systematically added some security for him. Some scientists and astronomers used the demand that seems to be no dramatic changes in the solar system in late 2012.

These changes are the nature of the rule at all, because the alignment of the milky sun-tracking methods and moves to balance the electromagnetic forces on that day. It is believed that changes in the magnetic flux and moves to the position of various planets of the solar system will eventually cause the planets to hit the other in his hand.

It would not strike at all normal because it will shock all on one planet. If this will happen to our world, so we'll definitely lose of life to life on planet Earth. It is still not effective as astronomers are still trying to find more specific information to put a final word. These are all the prophecies and can not be regarded as a reality yet!