The Design Of The SOA And Architecture Lab

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The Design Of The SOA And Architecture Lab. Design & Architecture SOA with the number of exam S90.09 is a modular course of a day. The course is a continuation of modules 3 and 8, in which participants will be taught from the application of the technology, construction, methods, models and architecture Foundation.

During this one day class, participants will have tasks to complete, as problems which are closely linked with the objective of the end of the creation of an original design. In this task, the instructor and participants must work closely to ensure the success of their activities.

The course module is based on the book of Thomas Erl of SOA Design Patterns. As a preview, the book contains some patterns, designs and specifications for services and inventories of service-oriented architecture. In addition, models to create solutions, runtime messaging and integration in services controls are also in this book. The mixture and the recommendation of the patterns for the basic foundation part of the reference.

Another reference is the SOA principles of Service design also by Thomas Erl. The book is composed of some subjects, like the colorful 240 images, explicit methods and concepts of cloud computing, explaining in detail on the 4 forms of service-oriented design, and an overview on business models how are integrated to achieve reusable service logic. In addition, the book covers on the use of WS-Policy, XML Schema and WSDL definitions, how to maximize reliable, scalable and presentation through plans for stateless services.

After the modular classes, participants are encouraged to take the citification of the SOA. Prior to becoming a Certified SOA Architect, be prepared to face different types of testing and design of barriers. There must be effective and able to use and act on the process and design patterns. One must learn to appreciate the drawings of service system and its share on the draft of the SOA. In addition, the assessment on the use of different approaches to the design and methods must be present.

In addition, a Certified SOA architect must be competent in the methods of SOA-oriented design services, infrastructure, solutions and other related topics. A must have a solid understanding on model-oriented service plan and all other related subjects, principles and the effects of the application to become an expert in this field. The basic or basic elements, concepts and terms of SOA must become the second language of an SOA Architect. The SOA architect should not be stagnant and must learn new technology and innovation of the SOA.

SOA exams and modules are regularly reviewed for the improvement of systems and applications.

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